Friday, August 19, 2011

Phone table makeover, help needed.

I know it has been done many times before. 
But this time it is my makeover.

I picked this up at the Salvo's.

And gave it what seemed like 20 thousand coats of paint.

Then I got as far as putting on the foam and calico.

And, the project has stalled.

I think it needs, either a painters drop sheet fabric, or a linen toille type fabric to disguise the little shoe prints that are left behind when the children use it.
And then maybe some upholstery buttons on top and something to join the gap where the cushion meets the timber.

All suggestions gratefully received.
 (Please help).

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  1. You have been busy. My vote is to paint the draw and put that back on, a little draw near the front door would be very handy.

  2. It's looking great Deb! I think I toille would look gorgeous. And what about either those upholstery tacs or you know that stuff it's like ribbon but it's more embroidered looking and they put it around the edge of upholstered things like on piano stools etc (it's a bit old fashioned but I like the stuff) :)
    I can't wait to see what you do.

  3. I'm not much good at these things but I like your suggestions for fabric. It really does look great and I love the cushions. Have a great weekend..Rachaelx

  4. That looks fantastic! Well done. You have inspired me.


  5. Wow it looks great Deb- well done:). I love toile so my vote is for the toile and the binding ribbon and tacks that Janette suggested. I can't wait to see it finished - say by Monday lol???

  6. Wow! What a fantastic makeover! Your telephone table looks wonderful! I like the blues with the white/cream... I am sorry am no help with ideas... I love what you have done so far! X

  7. It's looking fabric already - my vote is for toile fabric, will be a nice contrast. I agree some some of binding ribbon is needing but I'm not very good in the DIY department so can't suggest what to use exactly...

  8. Looks amazing already, although i do like the telephone drawer, it takes me back to my grandparent's house, in the hallway. I like modern mixed with vintage, definitely upholstery fabric, something durable & maybe a screen print on a linen?? Or go the green velvet to complete my childhood memory, with the 'worn' patch at the front, very tasteful, love Posie

  9. Hi Deb, just love what you have done, it looks might be interested in this post by Kristine at the painted hive....
    Enjoy your weekend XOX

  10. Deb- i feel inspired- i can't believe you've asked for help - you are too clever on your own....

    love your hallway too....

    melissa xx

  11. Great make-over, love the idea of the buttons. KP

  12. I picture a nice wide stripe in a pale yellow, beige or pale blue with white. Another idea, but I dont think it.would match the stripes, would be a narrow strip.of leather and somr upholstery tacks in the gap. What a great stool, I have seen these quite often but not really known what to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. I'm with Janette for this one Deb, perhaps a pretty blue toile? (try spotlight) Grab the glue gun and put the ribbon border stuff around (perhaps in navy) the edge. I like what you have done though, nice work. ;-)

  14. Hi deb, i would love a stool like that and i would upholster it in a wide cabana stripe fabric. Black and white would look cute, or a light grey, depends on the rest of your decor. Toile is gorgeous too, look forward to seeing it finished!
    Laura xxx


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