Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday flowers with a touch of teapots and cups.

Good morning, I checked the calendar twice and it really is Friday.
Unlike my last Friday flower I posted on a Thursday.

Today's post is inspired by this teapot.
I spotted it at my Mums house the other day.
You see, she has been decluttering like me.
This beauty was on the top of one of the boxes.
Sitting there looking very dejected.

Upon closer inspection, her poor spout is chipped and broken. But the rest of her is mighty fine.

If you were to pop over for a cuppa. I would most likely make a pot.
Sometimes an individual one just for you.
Sometimes the robur one for us to share.
Or sometimes, I would cheat and give you a tea  bag in a mug, the mug would always be white.

I probably wouldn't use this pot.
I am not sure it would pour without spilling.
Mum didn't really want to get rid of it.
It was her Mother's.
I said I would borrow it and have a play with the camera.

I may or may not have helped myself to a couple of those pink camellias on the way out.

So, what's the verdict.
Should this old pot stay or go?
I know what I think.


  1. I'd be inclined to keep it...but that's me the hoarder speaking. You could use it as an interesting vase for flowers or keep it just for display.xx

  2. Hi Deb

    I love it and it needs to stay



  3. I think that you should keep it. It's really nice.

  4. Stay Stay Stay. No doubt about it Deb. The blue and white is beautiful and it's an oldie so has history.
    I like the flower in a teacup effect.

  5. Love the teapot! Also love the teacups, blooms and pics!

  6. Stay stay stay! Those images are totally gorgeous! Happy weekend! X

  7. Stay for sure! What a gorgeous tea pot even if chipped and looks so lovely with flowers. What a great idea, I have some old tea cups similar to the ones above passed down to me from my Grandma and was wondering what to do with them. Hope you are having a great weekend. Gx

  8. I have a teapot very similar from my is blue willow as well. I use mine everyday...Love it. I remember my grandma using it makes me happy every time I pour from it! Hugs to you my friend..such pretty images.


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