Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wood cutting

We are very fortunate to be able to collect wood from our friends farm.
Last weekend when we went collecting we came across this gorgeous wall of wood built by farmer Jim.

I reckon it would have taken him a while.

The men and boys spent ages clearing trees and timber left from some flooding last season.

They built a large fire and kept dumping loads of debris onto the fire with a tractor.

The sheep weren't bothered a bit.

but then, if you had this delightful view..

It is absolutely freezing here today, the chill in the wind is revolting.
Squash Grand final tonight, wish me luck?


  1. Wood-hooking and bonfires - Winter can't get much better can it.
    Sounds like you'll need that fire wood too. The wind chill is aweful here as well, snow somwhere.

    Have fun at squash :)

  2. Thanks I think I will whinge all night because of the cold. I am sure it is snowing somewhere nearby too.

  3. It's a beautiful timber wall, but how lucky are you to be able to collect wood! I would love that!!
    Good luck at Squash! xx

    1. Thanks Sarah, sadly we got beaten. I am so happy the season is over. It was long and very cold. A couple of weeks off then on to the spring comp.

  4. Isn't it great when you just happen upon some amazing creativity..unexepected delight!

  5. How good is that wall of wood? Love it.

  6. All that wood looks amazing!! Perfect for chicken coop extensions!!
    I just found some old 'merchandising' boxes i used to use at markets, i popped them on cop of the chicken coop for day time laying. They have worked a treat. Chickens are very inquisitive so they were up there looking around, while i was positioning the 3 pink boxes, tossed in some sugar cane mulch & an hour later we had an egg laid. Now they are the hens favourite place to lay. Sure we have the odd egg laid between the coop & wall or next to a feeder, nothing has ever gone wrong or become a regular 'bad' habit. On the whole, they like anything boxy & most still go into the coop during the day & lay eggs in the nesting boxes there. Actually one chicken went broody & we'd find up to 5 eggs under her - other chickens would just go and lay their eggs on top of her or next to her & she'd roll them under. Hilarious, such personalities!! Love Posie

  7. Oh & good luck at Squash. I love that game, so intense, love Posie

    1. Thanks Posie. I will get MR M on to the nesting situation. Thanks for the squash wishes, sadly we lost. I am over it now, ready for the next season. You are right about the intensity. I love it. You can't think about anything else but the game or you lose it for sure.


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